Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five things to know about 'Breaking Dawn' after watching the trailer

By Sarah Sluis

The first three Twilight movies have grossed roughly $1.8 billion worldwide. Not bad for a love triangle between a human, a vampire, and a werewolf. The fourth book has been split into two movies, and Summit recently released the second, more revealing trailer for Breaking Dawn Part I. The trailer does not disappoint. Here are five things to know about the latest installment to the Twilight franchise.

1. It's the most sexual Twilight movie yet. After Bella and Edward get married, the couple makes out underneath waterfalls, on their honeymoon bed, and pretty much everywhere else. Considering the first movie had no more than a chaste kiss, the contents of the trailer are pretty shocking. Author Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon, which has a strict no-sex-before-marriage policy. Now that Bella and Edward have tied the knot, it appears that the two will have no problem expressing their love on-screen.

2. Bella gets pregnant with a vampire fetus that breaks her bones and wants to eat her. While this is just alluded to in the first trailer, the second features lots of arguing about the bloodsucker growing inside her womb. Of course, Edward could always turn her into a vampire to make her live forever, something he just might be tempted to do if the vampire baby saps the life away from her... (plot hint). If you don't think the Twilight series is ridiculous enough already, just keep saying "vampire baby" to yourself over and over.

3. It will have a gory childbirth scene. People on the Internet are actually excited about this, and I'm at a loss to imagine how the filmmakers will translate the scene onto film. Spoiler alert: Bella has to give birth via emergency C-section and nearly dies, and word is the novel doesn't spare any details.

4. It uses the same child-adult romance technique that was so creepy in The Time Traveler's Wife. Poor werewolf Jacob never managed to land Bella. Why not go after her child? After seeing their daughter Renesmee (a portmanteau of Renee and Esme), he "imprints" on her. They will be friends until she reaches a mature age, when they will then become romantically involved. I guess Meyer was trying to wrap things up and needed to allude to what would happen to Renesmee and Jacob, so she created the imprinting thing to give the audience closure on the Jacob story. I still don't like it, and the choice alienated many of her fans, too.

5. Part I will probably be better than Part II. A lot of the big action points occur leading up to the birth of Edward and Bella's child. After that, the plot continues, but it's talkier and involves some weak, phantom threats. I wouldn't be surprised if the penultimate episode of the series becomes the most popular movie, the reverse of what happened with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, the highest grossing movie of that series.

Breaking Dawn Part I comes out November 18, 2011.

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