Friday, June 20, 2014

‘Think Like a Man Too’ to best ‘Jersey Boys’

The sequel to hit comedy Think Like a Man is tracking strong, so the pundits say, and could enjoy a $30+ million opening weekend. The film debuted last night and has already grossed $1.8 million. With its draw of a large and appealing cast, including current box-office Midas Kevin Hart, Think Like a Man Too is well-positioned to displace 22 Jump Street at the head of the charts.

Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys, an adaptation of the popular Broadway musical about ‘60’s rock group The Four Seasons, also opens wide this weekend. Reviews have been mixed, with some critics applauding Eastwood’s subdued take on his source material, and others decrying a wet-blanket approach.  The movie cost $30 million but is only tracking around $12 or $13 million. Still, several pundits are optimistic, calling Boys the first “adult” film of the summer. Anyone uninterested in sequels or VX may opt for Eastwood’s film as their safest, most mature, bet. We’ll see whether the Boys prove more Mamma Mia! (which opened to $27.8 million) or Rock of Ages (bowed to $14.4 million) come Monday.

Holdovers 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2 will likely pull out ahead of Jersey Boys. Street in particular could well retain its No. 1 standing, though even if it falls to TLAM2, its downturn shouldn’t be precipitous. The comedy has so far grossed $64 million, while Dragon has $60.4 million to its name.

Specialty film The Rover, otherwise known as the movie in which Robert Pattinson makes a concerted, artistic effort to banish Edward Cullen to the farthest reaches of the public’s mind, expands nationwide today. Reviews are mixed, though the name of director David Michod, he of Animal Kingdom fame, will likely entice many arthouse viewers.

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